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1. A leafcutter bee (Megachile lagopoda) (CR), Photo: Jens Christian Schou Biopix.  2. Red fox (Vulpes vulpes), (LC), Photo: Åslaug Viken. 3. Beard lichen (Usnea longissima), (EN), Photo: Einar Timdal, NHM, UiO. 4. Golden redfish (Sebastes marinus), (EN), Photo: Alf Jacob Nilsen, Bioquatic Photo.


The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre and GBIF Norway, together with data owners, have created this service to provide geographical species information from data owners for users. Here you can search the Norwegian occurrence of species. You can also search by geographical area, county or municipality, and show on the map which species are recorded within a selected area. In the Map interface, you can also specify your search for collection or observation data, define different time spans and select data providers. All the content in this service can be downloaded. Many scientific collections are not yet fully digitised and data from some primary databases are not yet available through this map service. Users of the Species Map Service must therefore bear this in mind so that these limitations do not lead to misinterpretation based on lack of completeness. The data providers publish their data from primary databases through standardised formats by using the code standard "Darwin Core". Species Map Service reads the data from each data source and makes them available on maps from of all data sources simultaneously. The content of this map service is also available in the GBIF data portal. The source of the scientific and vernacular names in this map service is the Norwegian Species Nomenclature Database.

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Species Map Service is provided by the Norwegian Biodiverstiy Information Centre and GBIF-Norway © 2007-2021. Feedback goes to artskart@artsdatabanken.no